from a small seed to a mighty tree

I’m feeling very small today, insubstantial. It’s a feeling I recognize, one that I have from time to time. I’m sure many of us do.

It’s a sense that my mood is bigger than me, so big that I’m insubstantial in comparison.

It belies my belief that depression, hypomania, and mania are smaller than me, than you. These moods come from you, cannot exist without you. They come from within, from a mind that is encased in your body. But the virtual size, ah yes, there’s the rub. Virtually, they are immense, dwarfing our sense of self.

I take solace, though, in this truth: from tiny seeds grow the mightiest trees, trees that can split rocks. My question: do I have that seed within me? Do you have that seed within you?

The answer: a definitive yes. And this helps me feel less small.

Image by Dariusz Staniszewski from Pixabay

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